Fixed Fee Divorce (Uncontested)Fixed Fee Divorce (Uncontested)Fixed Fee Divorce (Uncontested)Fixed Fee Divorce (Uncontested)Fixed Fee Divorce (Uncontested)Fixed Fee Divorce (Uncontested)Fixed Fee Divorce (Uncontested)Fixed Fee Divorce (Uncontested)

Fixed Fee Divorce (Uncontested)


What work is covered in the fixed fee?


  • Initial Consultation
  • Letter to you and your spouse/spouse’s solicitor
  • Drafting divorce petition
  • Statement of arrangements for children
  • Certificate re Reconciliation
  • Application for Decree Nisi
  • Statement in support of Decree Nisi
  • Application for Decree Absolute


  • Letter to you and your spouse/spouses solicitor
  • Drafting Acknowledgement of Service
  • Checking Certificate of Entitlement to Decree

What is not covered:-

  • Advice and proceedings concerning property, finances or children
  • A divorce outside England and Wales
  • Obtaining a certified copy of your marriage certificate
  • Obtaining a translation of your marriage certificate
  • Tracing a missing spouse
  • Altering or amending the divorce petition once it has been issued at court
  • Instructing a Process Server to personally serve the divorce papers, applying for deemed or substituted service or applying to dispense with the service of the papers on your spouse should they fail to return the Acknowledgement of Service
  • A defended divorce where a cross petition is filed
  • Attendances at court in relation to the divorce
  • Attending the court if a hearing is fixed to decide upon who should pay the costs of the divorce
  • Work to enforce or defend a cost order
  • Oath Fees

What if I change my mind and decide not to go ahead with the divorce?

In this case we will calculate our charges for the work carried out on the basis of our usual charging rate. You will then pay this amount or the fixed fee.

When do I pay the fixed fee?

Payment is due as follows:-


£300 + VAT after the initial consultation
£550 Court disbursements after you instruct us to draft the Petition for Divorce
£300 + VAT upon applying for Decree Absolute


£200 + VAT after the initial appointment
What if I cannot afford the fixed fee up front?
The fixed fee option is just an additional way of paying. You can choose a more traditional way of paying legal fees by being charged an hourly rate and paying monthly in instalments as the matter proceeds. All court fees and disbursements must be paid in advance.

Initial Consultation

If you are unsure whether to start divorce proceedings, for a fixed fee of £150 + VAT you can meet with one of our experienced solicitors for an assessment of your case and initial advice as to your legal rights and the likely costs involved

If you would like a costs consultation to discuss funding your case please telephone us on
01946 692461.

Please contact:

Simon P.P Ward
Elizabeth C. Sandelands
Michelle Holliday
Beth Gaskell

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