Our Promise

At the outset we shall confirm at our meeting or in writing to you:

  • your instructions to us
  • any advice we have given
  • the approximate time the matter will take
  • what action we shall be taking
  • when you are next likely to hear from us
  • what action we need you to take
  • the best information we can give as to the likely cost and how it will be met

During your matter we shall:

  • keep you informed of progress
  • we shall reply to correspondence promptly, as circumstances permit
  • advise you of any delays and explain the reasons
  • explain the effect of any important documents
  • inform you if a fees forecast needs revising
  • if you so wish, send copies of important letters (but remember, it will cost you more if you ask for copies of all letters)

At the end of your matter we shall:

  • write confirming the conclusion reached
  • explain any continuing consequences
  • render our Account
  • account to you as promptly as possible for all money due to you
  • and you can ask for any papers and property to which you are entitled, subject to any right we have to retain them if your Account has not been paid.